vendredi, juin 26, 2015

Scene Aurora

That was the last demoscene music audio album I burnt. The idea was to have something nice for a restful afternoon.

  1. Kissing Ice Cube (Cyborg Jeff)
  2. Among Plants (Mosaik)
  3. At the world's end (BenefitOfTheBoomerang aka. botb)
  4. @world.end (botb)
  5. Caillou (Kenet & RedRibbon)
  6. Cloé (Keio)
  7. Bothersome (Lackluster)
  8. Forest Birdcussion (Protricity, DK2 remix)
  9. Christmas Caves (deimOs, DK remix)
  10. Brambles in the Breeze (Protricity, DK2 remix)
  11. Seeking Heat (Sine, SMRPG remix)
  12. Mechanical Swamp (Protricity)
  13. Shades of Red (Genetic Gemini)